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Expected results of the project

Expected results of the project

  1. Carried out research of the existing literature, previous analysis and survey data related to trends in direct employee participation in six EU member states specifying similarities and differences in approaches and practices of the direct workers participation in the various countries;
  2. Data collection at the national level of the processes, mentioned in the project aims and developed National reports on the impact of direct participation in each partner country;
  3. Organized and carried out six National Workshops (one in each co-beneficiary country) for discussion, exchange of experience, for capacity building, knowledge and skills of the workers’ representatives and employers and for collecting suggestions for innovations and improvement of the direct employee participation at company level;
  4. Organised and carried out three European seminars for sharing information, building experience and finding solutions on the issues to be surveyed;
  5. Developed, published and translated in the languages of the co-beneficiaries an European Comparative Report on the impact of Direct participation on the issues defined in the project aims, based on the results of the national research and the exchange of experience and good practice examples between the partners during the national workshops and the European seminars;
  6. Organised and carried out a Final International Conference in order to present the results of the research findings; to spread the knowledge and good practice examples to a broader public and other countries/regions and to enhance the mainstreaming of the project results into other national and regional contexts;
  7. Developed and maintained web-site of the project - a platform for all stake holders interested in the topics of Information, Consultation and Direct participation;
  8. Maintained and improved network for an exchange of experience between the partner countries, other countries and stakeholders in the sphere of information, consultation and employee participation.

The Development of Direct Employee Participation and its Impact on Industrial Relations at Company Level (DIRECT) (VS/2016/0305) 6/12/2016 – 6/12/2018

The project is implemented with the financial support of the European Commission – Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion DG, Budget Heading 04.03 01 06